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17 February 2011 @ 05:05 pm
I'm back from my loooong break from LJ.

I think I'll start drawing things for people oAo
Like so for Free.

My realism (not semi-realism like these) are in the previous journals so yeah.

I'll be willing to draw Yunjae if you wish. But I don't do yaoi. I can do Shounen Ai but seriously, no yaoi sorry.
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03 March 2010 @ 05:29 pm
I like to draw a lot lol.
The stuff I upload are all works I do digitally.
My pencil sketches stay pencil sketches XD;

Anyway here are some :D!
Digital Art *-*Collapse )
28 June 2009 @ 02:10 am

Ahem... Since I just made this "Journal" it's completely empty. And I don't like that. So I'll post something random. First, My crazed hobby of reading fanfiction. Let's see... I think it all began when I showed my friend about Shinhwa, a Korean band my sister had shown me first. I got majorly addicted to it. And I brought my friend with me on this crazed fangirling of mine except she did her fangirling a little more maturely than I did. I would squeal. A lot. She would admire them quietly while I go berserk. One day she was looking on YouTube and oh out pops a Yaoi Shinhwa video and she showed it to me. My reaction. OMG they kissed. And there begins my yaoi fanfic addiction. Ah my knowledge on Yunjae appeared a year after that when she happily showed me the hottest guy she had ever seen. Kim Jaejoong i even have him on my iPod.

I cleaned up my screen of Icons just to see him all the time on my screen. -dreamy sigh-

I watched another video. Of. Yunjae. BAM. Yunjae addiction. :D
Now a few years later I discovered Winglin. BOOM my fangirl mind went into hyperspeed as I searched through hundreds of fanfics for Yunjae. At the same time, learning about Super Junior. Hmm. I was curious and I looked them up. I freaked. They were hot but of course not like like DBSK. Yoochun's smile melts me away. I got addicted to them as well. Now I'm on a hunt for fanfics. Involving them.
My favorite authors on that website.
This is all coming from the top of my head so the order is not important nor should it offend the authors should they come see this journal and find their name last or something. Sorry if it seems offensive to any authors. There's no ranking -_-
Snow ball
And so much more.
God I'm addicted hehe.

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